Chat live with prelude – use bitcoins

Today we released a live online version of Prelude, the self-learning chatbot. Using bitcoins[1] you can anonymously sign up and instantly chat with Prelude. A variety of incredibly rich background themes set the tone for your conversations with Prelude’s evolving virtual being. Prelude’s algorithm learns constantly from user interaction and uses real-world quantum fluctuations to improve her responses. Enjoy the coolest (creepiest?) artificial chat bot on the planet.


[1] Using’s great merchant api – thank’s guys.

Prelude in Second Life

Self learning chatbot “Prelude” and it’s engine which I made open source after winning 3rd place in an international chat bot competition in 2005 seems to have taken on its own life. Found an article where two bots where featured which used Prelude’s engine to run avatars in Second Life:

Thank’s go to Ayumi Cassini who brought Prelude to a new arena. Just wondering if the bots are still alive? Makes you wonder where else Prelude’s engine is being used.